J. Ben Chadwick

Who I am

A graduate of Weber State University, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015. Utilizing multiple photographic methods, I produce work that explores the relationships between the individual and the community. I aim to visually reflect the impact and relationship we as individuals have on the community.

Videos, silver gelatin, wet plate collodion, and digital prints have been projected guerrilla style on the streets of Ogden Utah, showcased in curated shows, and are available for purchase.


artist CV

UN/REST: a dichotomy

Video, Days Inn Motel, Ogden Utah, 2014

Big Box

guerrilla style street art, projected imagery, Fred Meyer parking lot, Ogden Utah, 2014


Wet Plate Collodion

Wet plate collodion prints, Weber State University Project Gallery, Ogden Utah, 2015

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Inkjet Prints, Gelatin Print, Etching, Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Ogden Utah, 2015

BFA Seminar Exhibition

Inkjet Prints, Shepherd Union Gallery, Ogden Utah, 2015

First Friday Art Stroll - Water

Inkjet Prints, WSU Art Building Atrium, Ogden Utah, 2015

BFA Thesis Exhibition

Inkjet Prints, Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Ogden Utah 2015


Inkjet Prints, CVA, Clayton North Carolina, 2017



During the month of June 2019, Clayton Visual Arts displayed work from the series "Then & Now." The photographs on view were in conjunction with the town of Clayton's sesquicentennial celebration and were showcased to look at how downtown Clayton looked over the past 150 years paired with how the same views appear in more recent times.


Unless otherwise noted, black and white images are from the 1909 and 1936 editions of John T. Talton's Handbook of Clayton and Vicinity or from the photograph collection in the Virginia Lee Satterfield History Room of the Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library in Clayton. Used and printed with permission. The digital color images are from the artist's recreation of the scenes.

A more extensive look into the collection of historical images can be viewed in person at the Virginia Lee Satterfield History Room in the Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library.

Ma Zine

As a result to isolation orders and in response to COVID-19, many galleries, shows, and therefore artists, were "shut down" and put on hold. With the drive to publish and showcase art, and out of a labor of love, I created the Modern Antagonist Zine. 

   This "Zine," a small self published magazine, showcases my art, but also fellow artists and musicians as a way to keep the art afloat amidst the constant flow of absurdity that pushes it's way to preventing the art community from flourishing. 

   Viewers can enjoy each months zine online. Become a patron to support the arts and help get this zine from digital into print. please visit: https://www.patreon.com/jbenchadwick

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